22 Reasons To Visit Portugal In 2018

Mar 29, 2018

"Everyone seems to be going to Portugal right now", says The Telegraph, a well-known British daily broadsheet newspaper. And it's true, Portugal is a popular destination at the moment that everyone seems to be talking about.

Last year, the country won the "World's Leading Destination 2017" award at the World Travel Awards. Portugal became the first European country to win such distinction which was one more proof that this is a destination to keep in mind when booking your next holiday.

In 2017, over 12.7 million foreigners visited Portugal which represents an increase of 12%. The Telegraph did some research and came up with 22 reasons why everyone seems to be going to Portugal right now. Some of the reasons are the charm of the capital, the Port wine, the delicious Portuguese gastronomy, and the sunny and warm weather, just to name a few. It is one more recognition of the country's worth. 

Discover here the 22 reasons why everyone is going to Portugal right now, according to The Telegraph: