Thai’s capital best street food


Bangkok can provide amazing diners with hours of culinary exploration. These are some of the best neighborhoods for food-on-the-go in the Thai capital.

Chinatown | Yaowarat: this neighborhood is considered the birthplace of street food in Thailand and remains a prime foodie destination. Try Satay– meat on a bamboo stick, grilled over an open flame and served with peanut sauce, shallots and chillies in sugar syrup.

Old Town | Banglamphu: the spot is a treasure trove of old-style Thai street food specialities. Try Curry Rice, a popular breakfast and lunch option for diners on the go.

Silom and Sathorn: considered Bangkok’s central business district, in these streets you’ll find plenty of spots for a quick bite, few of them gourmet destinations. Try Curried Egg Noodles, probably northern Thailand’s most famous dish.

Yellow Bridge | Saphan Lueng: the neighborhood has long been known among Bangkokians as a street food highlight. The streets are packed with stalls manned by skillful wok cooks, noodle vendors, dessert carts and porridge shops. Try the Rice Porridge a beloved dish among Thai street food aficionados.

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