5 best neighborhoods to visit in Lisbon

Lisbon, Portugal tram.

The best of Lisbon is at its most typical neighborhoods. In its people. In the small shops. In the restaurants and in all the colors, sounds and smells that shape the capital of Portugal.

Campo de Ourique: Campo de Ourique is a village within the city. In this neighborhood rely on grocery stores with the most delicious fruit in the city, and do not be surprised if you see that the locals meet and greet! Meet the must-see Campo de Ourique Market, and enjoy a trip on the tram 28.

Bairro Alto: Arguably the most famous neighborhood of Lisbon. You will find a vibrant nightlife along streets and steep streets of cobblestone. The bars are countless and endless nights. No doubt a meeting point for those who want the more social side of town.

Martim Moniz / Intendente: Martim Moniz is the most multicultural district of the city. Since Indian stores with the richest food, to the typical Portuguese tavern with the best ginginha, you can find everything.

Alfama: Of the most typical neighborhoods of Lisbon. Mother-house of Fado and eternal winner of the popular marches of Lisbon. From the Castle of St. George, on top of Lisbon, to the Casa dos Bicos in the riverside area, breathes tradition. Often the sound of the Portuguese guitar, the tiles to cover the walls of the houses, and the typical doors open between a well-parochial environment.

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