How To Take Good Vacation Rental Photos

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How To Take Good Vacation Rental Photos

Photos are your opportunity to make a great first impression when potential guests land on one of your listings. So they better be good! But don’t worry, you don’t really need fancy camera equipment or to be a professional photographer to take incredible photos. With the following tips, you’ll be able to capture the attention of potential guests by improving the quality of your images.

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1. Set the scene.

The first step is to tidy up your rental so that it looks clean and put together as if you were expecting guests. Adding elements such as fresh flowers are also a great idea to make space look more inviting.

2. Don’t underestimate lighting.

Good lighting really makes the difference when it comes to photography by giving your photos a professional look. So take photos during the day and open the blinds to let natural light in. Also, try to avoid using flash because it might give your photos a harsh look.

3. Take lots of photos.

The more photos you have, the merrier. Show every room of the rental, the patio or the balcony in case there is one, as well as the outside of the house or apartment so that potential guests can have a look at the area it is located.

4. Photograph the details.

Photograph the details that make your rental house unique and sets it apart from the others. Guests love that!

5. Take photos with a good resolution.

Tiny pictures won’t do the trick. Your potential guests want to see quality pictures with a good resolution. It really does make a difference.

6. Take the photos in landscape format.

If you’re taking photos with your phone, this means you’re holding it horizontally, instead of vertically. Not only this type of photos look better on social media but photos are also displayed in the landscape in search results so if you post a vertical picture, it will appear cut.

7. Choose your angles wisely.

The best way is to shoot into a corner to make sure you get as much of the room in the photo as possible. It also guarantees that you get a true perspective of the room.

Do you have any extra tips for taking good vacation rental photos?

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