How To Get Started As A Vacation Rental Host

How To Get Started As A Vacation Rental Host. Vacation Rental Owner. Airbnb Host. // WarmRental

How To Get Started As A Vacation Rental Host

Are you thinking about becoming a vacation rental host but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, the WarmRental team is here to help you get started and become a successful host. Scroll down to find our six best tips!

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1. Set your expectations.

Start by putting some thought into the type of host you want to be. Do you want it to become an extra income or do you want it to become your full-time job? It’s very important to set your expectations before you embark on this journey. Also, be ready to put in time and effort. Once you get the hang of it, you will become more efficient but as you are starting out, the amount of time and dedication needed will probably surprise you. From answering the questions of potential guests to checking in and checking out, being a successful host requires a time investment. Are you ready to make that commitment?

2. Set the price.

How To Get Started As A Vacation Rental Host. Vacation Rental Owner. Airbnb Host. // WarmRental

Before you jump right into hosting your vacation rental online, set the price. Do some research. Pretend that you are a guest and browse similar listings in the same area and with the same amount of bedrooms. Go through the reviews to see if people are mentioning anything about the price or if the vacation rental is getting booked at all. This will also help you realize if you have a realistic expectation for how much you can make from your rental.

3. Pick a vacation hosting site.

How To Get Started As A Vacation Rental Host. Vacation Rental Owner. Airbnb Host. // WarmRental

Nowadays, you have a huge variety of vacation hosting sites such as Airbnb, Booking, HomeAway, etc. However, WarmRental can give you a hand and make the process a lot easier for you. List your rental for FREE and start getting bookings! We create an advert for your property and publish it on websites such as ours and a few others mentioned above. We only ask you to keep your WarmRental‘s calendar updated – we’ll sync it with all other websites – and to receive guests. Interested? Find more here!

4. Photograph your property.

Photography plays one of the most important roles in the success of your vacation rental. Photos not only showcase your property but also helps build trust so make sure that have quality and enhance your rental. You can either hire a professional or take the photos yourself. However, if you work with WarmRental, we can help you with that, too.

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5. Create your listing.

Now, it’s time to create a great listing that attracts guests. Describe your vacation rental and use good quality photos in order to let potential guests know what your home is all about. Don’t forget to mention the property’s amenities, the neighborhood where it is located, public transportation nearby, as well as an overview of your check-in and check out process.

6. Make your guests feel at home.


Making your guests feel special is key. Your property should not only be clean and tidy but also feel inviting. To make your guests feel at home, leaving fresh flowers in the living room and a few books and magazines around the house are some of our favorite tips. You can also leave a few additional touches such as a welcome book with all the information about the house and its amenities, a simple handwritten welcome note or even a map of the area. It’s all about creating a more memorable experience for them so that they can later spread the word about your vacation rental through a positive review.

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Are you thinking about becoming a vacation rental host?

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