How To Ensure That Your Vacation Rental Is Guest Ready

How To Ensure That Your Vacation Rental Is Guest Ready // WarmRental

How To Ensure That Your Vacation Rental Is Guest Ready

Are you sure that your vacation rental is guest ready? Making sure that a property is guest ready is much more than giving it a quick tidy up and providing enough amenities. It is also about creating a positive experience for your guests that makes them feel welcome and special. That being said, let’s find out if your vacation rental is guest ready.

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1. Is your property accessible?

Before your guests are able to discover how great your vacation home is, they need to be able to get inside. If the key isn’t where it was supposed to be or if the code doesn’t work, your guest’s experience is not starting on the right foot. Confirm that your property is accessible, describe how to find and open the property and be available to help any new guest if needed.

2. Is your property safe?

One of the first steps is to guarantee that your property is safe and that your guests will feel secure during their stay. Have a fire extinguisher available in the kitchen, keep a first-aid kit in the bathroom and make sure the door has working locks. Another thing to keep in mind if you usually host families is to guarantee that your property is kids friendly.

3. Is your property clean?

This might sound obvious but the majority of guest complaints are related to the cleanliness of the vacation home. So, whether you take care of it yourself or hire a cleaning service, make sure your property is clean and do a quick walkthrough before a guest arrives to make sure everything is spotless.

4. Is everything working?

Another thing to keep in mind is to guarantee that everything works. Make sure that the light switches are working correctly and that both the appliances and the electronics are functioning.

5. Does your property provide the basic amenities?

Providing enough amenities is another way to guarantee that your property is guest ready. Don’t forget to make sure that your vacation rental has fresh sheets in the bedroom, toilet paper and extra towels in the bathroom, and that the kitchen is equipped with the necessary utensils.

6. Does your property have a welcome book?

As the name suggests, a welcome book includes information about the vacation home and the surrounding area that your guests might find helpful, such as Wifi, emergency contacts, local attractions and restaurants nearby. It’s your opportunity to welcome your guests and make them feel like you are a thoughtful host wanting to make sure they have the best time during their stay.

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7. Does your property provide activities for rainy days?

Another thoughtful gesture is to provide activities for rainy days, such as books and magazines, board games, DVDs, etc. It’s a small gesture that your guests will certainly appreciate if stuck at home thanks to bad weather.

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How do you ensure that your vacation rental is guest ready?

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