16 Essential Vacation Rental Amenities That Make Guests Happy

Essential Vacation Rental Amenities That Make Guests Happy // WarmRental

16 Essential Vacation Rental Amenities That Make Guests Happy

Truth be told, amenities can set your property apart and contribute to the success of your rental. That being said, when it comes to choosing the amenities that your vacation home offers, it’s important to keep in mind the style of your property, its location, and the type of guests it is targeted to in order to show that you are a thoughtful host. In case you are wondering if your vacation home has all the essential amenities, look no further! WarmRental put together a list of 16 vacation rental amenities that will please your guests and make them want to come back.

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1. 24-hour check-in

Give your guests the opportunity to check in whenever they want with an automated check-in system. If something doesn’t go according to plan during their journey to your vacation rental, your guests will be happy to check-in at anytime.

2. Welcome Book

A welcome book is a compilation of resources that your guests will find helpful, such as information about your vacation home and its neighborhood. Include a personal welcome letter, instructions, helpful contacts, recommendations, and a local map.

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3. Welcome Basket

Offer a welcome basket to new guests as a way to make them feel at home and show that you’re a thoughtful host. You can include breakfast ingredients for their first morning at your vacation home, complementary cookies, local produce, etc.

4. Wifi

Guests expect a fast internet connection nowadays in order to access their email or update their social media accounts so no wifi at your rental property can be a deal breaker.

5. Cable TV

Another popular amenity is cable tv so that your guests have access to a variety of entertainment options to keep both adults and children occupied.

6. DVDs, books & board games

A few other fun vacation rental amenities to consider are DVDs, books and board games to keep everyone occupied. These come extra handy during a rainy day or on an evening at home.

7. Universal adapters

Imagine traveling to a different country, getting to your vacation home, and realizing that you forget an universal adapter so you won’t be able to charge your phone or use your curling iron. This is why guests will appreciate if their host provides an universal adapter.

8. Kitchen appliances

In case you host guests who prefer to cook at home, make sure your kitchen offers sharp knives, a kettle, a coffee maker, a blender, etc. so that they have the basic appliances to prepare their meals.

9. Toiletries

The most basic amenities you can offer are toiletries. Just like they would find it in a hotel, guests expect to find these type of things in a vacation home, such as soap, shampoo, toothpaste, and toilet paper.

10. Fresh towels

Fresh towels are a must. Make sure they’re clean and in good condition.

11. Hair dryer

Another extra vacation rental amenity is a hair dryer. Some guests either forget to bring one or don’t have enough space in their luggage so they will be happy to find one where they’re staying at.

12. Fresh bedding

Invest in some quality bedding that washes well and last ages to make sure your guests are comfortable and have a good night of sleep.

13. Cleaning supplies

Providing cleaning supplies is a great way to encourage your guests to keep your property clean and tidy so you might want to consider offering a few products.

14. Washer & dryer

If guests are staying longer than a few days at your vacation rental, a washer and dryer can be very helpful so they can do their own laundry.

15. Iron & ironing board

Following the last amenity, it’s a good idea to provide an iron and ironing board for an emergency.

16. Air conditioning

If you have a vacation home in a location where the weather tends to be warmer or cooler, you might want to considering providing air conditioning. It’s an investment but it’s a tool to keep your guests happy and comfortable.

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Do you have any extra vacation rental amenities to include?

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