How To Prepare Your Vacation Rental For The Low Season

How To Prepare Your Vacation Rental For The Low Season // WarmRental

How To Prepare Your Vacation Rental For The Low Season

The low season is an opportunity to breathe after a busy few months and work on improving your offering. Also, now is the time to guarantee your home is ready for the colder months coming up. That being said, WarmRental is sharing a few tips on how to prepare your vacation rental for the low season.

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1. Do a deep clean.

Usually, during the Summer months there isn’t much time between bookings to schedule a deep cleaning so this is a great time to do it. So, pay attention to details that are often overlooked or that intensify during the Winter:

  • Wash all blankets and cushion covers
  • Wash window treatments
  • Flip the mattresses
  • Clean all kitchen appliances, as well as drawers and cabinets
  • Clean light fixtures
  • Clean every nook and cranny
  • Clean the air conditioner
  • Replace batteries
  • Make sure the walls are clean and not moldy

2. Do maintenance work.

This might also be the time to do any maintenance or renovation work your vacation rental needs. Also, it’s the perfect opportunity to check if doors, windows and roof tiles are letting water in.

3. Consider installing heating .

Is your home warm and cozy enough to keep your guests happy during the colder months? If not, you might want to consider investing on a heating equipment, whether that is central heating, ar conditioning, radiant floor heating or any other type of heating. It’s a big investment at first but, in the long run, it will make your vacation rental feel more inviting and keep your guests away from freezing.

And if you have any type of heating, make sure to leave some instructions on how to use it for your guests.

4. Equip your rental with essential amenities for the Winter time.

Make sure your vacation rental is equipped with the essential amenities that your guests might need for a comfortable and cozy stay throughout the Winter.

  • Provide warm bedding and extra blankets for the bedroom and for the living room
  • DVDs, books and board games for rainy days at home
  • Extra light bulbs and batteries
  • Provide wood if your property has a fireplace
  • Bonus point: provide tea, coffee or ingredients for hot chocolate

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5. Update your vacation rental decor.

Another bonus point is to update your vacation rental decor for the season. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean to completely change your decor. Small details can make a big difference, especially during the holiday season. You can add some twinkle lights, a small Christmas tree or just a few decorations here and there. It will certainly make your guest’s stay more special and enjoyable.

Other than that, you can decorate your property for the Winter by changing up the accent pillows and adding a throw to the sofa, and also by adding a few spice-scented candles around the house.

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How do you prepare your holiday rental for the low season?

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