9 Most Common Negative Vacation Rental Reviews

9 Most Common Negative Vacation Rental Reviews // Warmrental

9 Most Common Negative Vacation Rental Reviews

At Warmrental, we work every day to guarantee that our guests have the best experience possible at a vacation rental. Isn’t it great when a guest has a wonderful stay and shares it with other people by writing a positive review? Who doesn’t like a compliment, right? No vacation rental is perfect though and people have different standards so negative reviews pop up every now and then. However, some negative comments seem to be more popular than others and that is what we’re going to discuss in this article. Warmrental is going to share the most common negative vacation rental reviews and how to prevent them!

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1. Communication was hard because the host didn’t speak English

One of the first guest’s complaints has to do with communication issues because they often don’t speak the language of the country they are visiting and the host doesn’t speak any other language.

How To Prevent It: The best way to make sure you can easily communicate with foreign guests is to learn how to speak English as it is one of the most popular languages in the world and most people will be able to understand it. But don’t worry, there’s no need to be fluent. Basic knowledge of English will be enough to facilitate communication.

2. A set of keys wasn’t enough for all of us.

While a set of keys is enough for a couple or a small family with kids, it might not be enough for a bigger group traveling together as they might want to get in and out of the house at different times.

How To Prevent It: Consider providing an extra set of keys taking into account the number of people will be staying at your vacation rental.

3. Failure or delay in delivery of my receipt.

This negative review can be tied to bad communication in general. Being available for any questions or requests that your guests may have and responding quickly gives an image of professionalism and shows that you are trustworthy.

How To Prevent It: Be available and respond to your guest’s requests as soon as possible.

4. Beds were very uncomfortable.

This is, surprisingly, one of the most common negative vacation rental reviews. Many guests complain about the beds, whether regarding its comfort, noise or bedding, which often impairs sleep and, in turn, compromises the success of their stay.

How To Prevent It: Is the bed at your rental truly comfortable? Instead of experimenting it quickly, why don’t you spend a night at your vacation rental to make sure your guests will have a relaxed and rejuvenating sleep? Also, you might want to consider updating your bedding as it can make a big difference.

5. There weren’t enough storage places.

A vacation rental shouldn’t only be wonderfully decorated and super comfortable, it has also to be functional, and something that often goes unnoticed is storage.

How To Prevent It: Make sure your guests have a place to hang their towels in the bathroom, hangers in the closet, and free space in the kitchen cabinets to store food, just to name a few.

6. I wish the property had…

Although some guests book a vacation rental despite knowing it doesn’t have a certain amenity, they often suggest it later in the review as something that could have improved their stay. Here are the most common ones that guests tend to miss:

  • WiFi
  • air conditioning
  • hair dryer
  • curtains or blinds on the windows to prevent light from entering the room
  • more toilet paper depending on the length of the stay
  • soap, salt, pepper, sugar, napkins and dish towels

How To Prevent It: Make sure your rental is equipped with all the essentials that your guests might need. WiFi, for instance, is essential nowadays and providing things such as salt and pepper or soap and shampoo will give you extra points.

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7. Cleaning needs improvement. 

Another common negative review is lack of cleanliness. Dust, stains or hairs can be deal breakers and affect the overall stay, which will often lead to negative reviews.

How To Prevent It: Whether you clean your vacation rental yourself or hire someone to do it, it’s important to set high standards when it comes to cleaning. Pay attention to things that are often overlooked but that guests seem to notice, such as:

  • floors
  • table surfaces
  • bathtub drain
  • cutlery
  • kitchen cabinets
  • refrigerator with food left by previous guests

8. It was too noisy.

Guests often complain about being disturbed – mainly at night – by their neighbor upstairs, the busy neighborhood they’re staying at, the garbage truck or even airplanes passing by.

How To Prevent It: To ensure your guests are not being constantly disturbed, consider investing in the right insulation or simply start by installing double glazed windows.

9. I wish they had provided information on …

How do you get rid of trash? How does the washing machine work? Providing this kind of information to guests will keep them happy and means that they won’t feel the need to call you as often.

How To Prevent It: Provide information on garbage disposal, how to use all the electronic equipment, useful contacts, and maybe your top tips for making the most of the town where your vacation rental is located.

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