6 Tips For Keeping Your Vacation Rental Guests Coming Back

6 Tips For Keeping Your Vacation Rental Guests Coming Back. Vacation Home. Airbnb Host // Warmrental

6 Tips For Keeping Your Vacation Rental Guests Coming Back

Here on the Warmrental blog, we have already discussed how to build guest trust in order to increase vacation rental bookings but how do you keep your guests coming back again and again? What can you do to impress your guests and cultivate loyalty? That’s what we’re discussing today. In this article, you will find out how to provide an incredible experience that makes your guests want to come back to your vacation rental.

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1. Get to know your guests.

The first thing to note is to get to know your guests. Be present at check-in and make an effort to address them by name. They’re probably not expecting it but it’s always a positive thing when someone remembers your name so they will certainly feel appreciated.

At check-in, don’t simply give your guests the keys and leave. Show them around, make them feel at home, and share your best tips for discovering the area they’re staying at.

2. Go the extra mile.

Instead of giving your guests exactly what they have paid for, go the extra mile. It shows your guests you’re committed to creating the best experience possible for them. That said, create a more personal experience than a hotel. Understand your guest’s needs and treat them with small gestures. Put together a welcome basket with a personal note to greet them. Here are other ideas:

  • Are your guests traveling with kids? Provide a few games and toys.
  • Are your guests traveling to celebrate a wedding anniversary? Offer a bottle of wine or champagne and/or chocolates.
  • Are your guests traveling during the Winter? Stock your property with extra blankets and some games, books, and movies for rainy days.

Give your guests a reason to return. Going that extra mile makes it more difficult for your guests to contemplate not coming back to your vacation rental.

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3. Be available.

It’s also important to be a reliable host from start to finish. Being available and responsive whenever your guests need you – from the moment they show interest in your rental to the moment they leave, and even after they leave – shows them you value their time and are committed to ensuring that they have a fantastic stay. Be someone they can trust to accommodate them on future trips.

4. Thank your guests.

Let your guests know how much you appreciate them for choosing your vacation rental. After their stay, send them an email thanking them as this will make them feel like you’re a thoughtful host and is a good way to stay in your guest’s consciousness.

5. Ask for feedback.

Communication doesn’t need to stop when guests leave your vacation rental, especially if you want them to come back. Follow up after their stay and ask for feedback. Aks your guests how their stay was and encourage them to leave recommendations on how you can improve. If they leave a negative feedback, apologize and let them know it will be addressed immediately. Remember, when dealt positively with negative feedback, it can leave a positive lasting impression.

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6. Keep in touch.

It’s important to keep in touch with your guests after they leave your property but don’t bombard them with emails. Keeping them informed of any deals going on and sending them holiday greetings and occasional well-wishes helps you stay in touch so that they think of you when booking their next vacation.

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How do you keep your vacation rental guests coming back?

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