Booking Cancellations Due To Coronavirus: What To Do?

Booking Cancellations Due To Coronavirus What To Do | Airbnb Host | Coronavirus Short Term Rental. Vacation Rental | Warmrental

The tourism sector immediately felt the impact of the coronavirus outbreak. If you are a short-term rental owner, you may have encountered emptier calendars in the coming weeks due to a drop in bookings and an increase in cancellations. In this article, Warmrental shares with you how to manage possible booking cancellations and how to try to get around this challenging situation.

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Cancellation Policy

Both hosts and guests have felt the need to cancel bookings. Here, you can learn more about the cancellation policies of the main short-term rental booking platforms:

Exceptionally, we will suspend the cancellation policy for reservations affected by this situation, including guests affected by the virus; guests traveling to or from severely affected areas; guests who are unable to complete their trip due to flight cancellations or government restrictions.

These reservations will be canceled free of charge and the guest will receive a full refund. The Warmrental commission will also be reimbursed.

Reservations made until March 14, 2020, with check-in between March 14, 2020, and April 14, 2020, are covered by the policy and may be canceled. Guests will receive a full refund and hosts can cancel free of charge.

Like Airbnb, guests and hosts alike will be able to cancel reservations without penalty. Note, however, that each country has different conditions. Check the website to learn more.

The Expedia group advises hosts to offer a full refund in case guests wish to cancel reservations. The platform will also refund the service fee. On the other hand, it invites hosts to block their calendars temporarily, if necessary.

  • Direct booking cancellations

As Warmrental and the other platforms above do, we advise you to accept cancellations free of charge. This is an exceptional situation that deserves exceptional measures.

On the other hand, in a time of fear and uncertainty, we understand that you may want to cancel reservations from the affected regions. However, we remind you to stay calm and to keep in mind that the areas of highest risk already have their borders closed. Be careful and take the necessary precautions to sanitize your property. If you do, you are already protecting yourself and others.

What To Do To Limit Coronavirus Impact On Your Short-Term Rental?

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We remind you that panicking is never a solution. Stay calm, be responsible, take precautions, and contact the health line in suspicious cases.

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