Portuguese Vacation Rental Legislation 2021 | New Rules For Vacation Rentals

Portuguese Vacation Rental Legislation 2021 | New Rules For Vacation Rentals | Airbnb Host | Warmrental

Did you know that there are new rules for Portuguese vacation rentals in 2021? The Government has defined minimum operating conditions, including the identification of vacation rental establishments and the implementation of environmental sustainability measures. Warmrental shares with you everything you must know.

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New Rules For Portuguese Vacation Rental Legislation

Identify the vacation rental.

Every vacation rental establishment must be signposted with an identification plate next to the entrance.

Ensure operating conditions.

  • A reception service (check-in and check-out) must be provided, which can be done in person or not.
  • The equipment must be in working condition and the hygiene and cleaning conditions must be met.
  • If breakfast is available, it must comply with hygiene and food safety rules.
  • The accommodation of foreigners must be communicated to the responsible authorities.
  • You should cooperate with national authorities in the collection and provision of data for statistical purposes.
  • There must be at least one bathroom for every four rooms, with a maximum of 10 guests.
  • You must ensure minimum areas for each bedroom, namely 6.50 m2 for a single bedroom; 9 m2 for a double bedroom; and 12 m2 for a triple bedroom.

Comply with the safety requirements.

For vacation rentals with more than 10 guests, the fire safety rules provided by law must be complied with.

Adopt environmental sustainability practices.

  • Implement practices that promote efficient water and energy consumption;
  • Create a policy to inform your guests about sustainable tourism practices;
  • Opt for detergents and biodegradable products;
  • Provide equipment for recycling;
  • Ensure the continuous training of employees on good environmental practices and work standards;
  • Have environmental certification or an environmental quality seal awarded by a national or international entity of recognized merit.

When will the new rules for short-term rental in 2021 come into force?

The new Portuguese vacation rental legislation 2021 takes effect on 4 February. The establishments that are already registered have one year – until February 2022 – to adapt to the new rules.

Find here Portaria n.º 262/2020 with all rules.

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