How To Increase Vacation Rental Bookings In 2021

How To Increase Vacation Rental Bookings in 2021. Airbnb Host Tips 2021. Short Term Rental | Warmrental

The last few months have been very challenging for the tourism sector, but we have good news! After months of at home, people yearn to be able to travel again and will do so as soon as it is safe. In the meantime, you can focus on improving your short-term rental to be able to attract more bookings. Warmrental shares with you some tips on how to increase vacation rental bookings in 2021.

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How To Increase Vacation Rental Bookings In 2021

Create an optimized ad.

The ad is your first opportunity to attract bookings. When someone searches for a holiday rental, it is important that your ad is SEO-optimized and that it has professional photographs so that it can stand out among hundreds of results.

If you need help creating an attractive ad, get in touch with us.

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Guarantee impeccable cleaning.

Nowadays, the cleaning of your short-term rental is more important than ever. Ensuring impeccable cleanliness can earn positive ratings from your guests and, consequently, make others feel safe and confident when booking your vacation rental.

If you have disinfectant gel and/or masks available (among others), make sure that these items are included in the listing. If you own a vacation rental in Portugal, you can also consider applying to the Clean & Safe seal, which will be another guarantee of your commitment to offering impeccable cleaning.

Offer Wi-Fi.

Nowadays, a fast and reliable Wi-Fi connection is an essential convenience in a short-term rental. Whether as a form of leisure or a requirement for work reasons, the fact that your property has Wi-Fi can be a decisive factor when choosing between two options.

Offer the basic amenities for cooking.

One of the reasons why someone chooses Airbnb over a hotel is the fact that it has a kitchen where they can prepare their own meals. Therefore, you must ensure that it is equipped with the essential appliances and utensils for this purpose.

Stove, refrigerator, and utensils (such as plates, cutlery, glasses, and pots) for the maximum capacity of the property are some of the essentials. Extras like salt and pepper, sugar, kitchen towels, garbage bags, and a coffee machine can also be helpful in guaranteeing positive reviews after a stay.

In the ad, list all the available amenities so that potential guests can know how well equipped your kitchen is.

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Adapt your rental for remote work.

During the pandemic, the number of remote workers increased significantly, which translated into an increase in demand for short-term rentals. To attract this audience, offer fast, free Wi-Fi and create a dedicated workspace area for your guests.

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Allow self check-in.

More and more guests opt for an Airbnb with the possibility of self check-in in order to reduce contact with other people. So, offering this amenity is another way to help your ad stand out from others. It will also be easier and safer for you as a host as there is no need to stand in front of the door waiting for your guests.

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Turn your rental pet-friendly.

Another selection criterion that can help your vacation rental get more bookings is being pet-friendly. More and more people are traveling with their pets but the accommodation options are still limited, which means that your ad is more likely to stand out.

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Allow short-term stays.

Imagine that there is a person interested in a weekend getaway and is divided between your property and another one that, unlike yours, allows a stay of just two nights. Which one do you think they will choose?

If until now you only accepted bookings for 7 nights minimum, you might want to consider allowing shorter stays to reach this type of audience and increase the number of reservations in your calendar.

Allow mid-term stays.

On the other hand, one of the trends that emerged in 2020 and will continue in 2021 is the increase in demand for mid-term stays. Consider allowing stays longer than 30 days, set special monthly rates, and offer a discount for long stays.

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Provide a flexible cancellation policy.

Faced with the uncertainty of the days we live in, people tend to hesitate when making holiday reservations. By providing a flexible cancellation policy, you are giving your guests the confidence and peace of mind they need to proceed with the booking.

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