Porto, Baixa and Ribeira

Europe / Portugal / Porto / Baixa

How to get here
Impossible to be easier, since all Metro lines (1.2 €, Zone 1) will take you to the center of the city. Going out in stations such as São Bento or Bolhão gives you the opportunity to quickly experience the very special vibes of the largest city in the North of Portugal. If you choose to arrive by car, it will not be difficult to find places - free or payable - to park.

What to do
The city of Porto has the great part of the points of interest within walking distance of each other. From the bars and restaurants of Baixa to the Lello Bookstore next to the Clérigos Tower, it is a 5-minute walk. From the universally recognized São Bento Station to Ribeira are, once again, about 5 minutes walking... In each of these routes, you will find plenty of spots to visit. And reaching the Port Wine Cellars, on the other side of the Douro, is also super easy and fast. If you are not afraid of heights, we recommend that you walk on the top board of the Luis I Bridge... You will not find better views!

What to see
You can not miss the opportunity to visit Lello Bookshop (4 €), which inspired JK Rowling in the writing of the Harry Potter saga. Take the climb to the Clérigos Tower. Do not forget to photograph the tiles of São Bento Station. And you have to visit the Port Wine Cellars and to take the little cruise (10 €) along the river Douro that crosses the bridges - it is a nunique way to see the riverbanks of Porto and Gaia. The tram ride (3 €) to Foz is also a must see...

Where to eat
Well, here is where everything gets more complicated. Or not. The offer is so vast and it is so easy to find good and amazing places, it is simpler to recommend dishes and the areas you should look for. If you are looking for typical Francesinha (10 €) and other snacks, you will find plenty of restaurants/cafes in the Poveiros area, near the Rivoli Theater. If you are in for the famous Tripas (€ 8), then it's easy because you'll find this dish almost everywhere. Through the various alleyways that surround the Allies and closer to Ribeira - Rua das Flores - you will also find various proposals of typical food or international food. And the best fresh fish (10 €) is easier to find in Matosinhos or Afurada, a fishing neighborhood in Gaia.

Smart tips
With gardens like the Crystal Palace or the fantastic City Park - a little further from the center and right next to the beach - there is no excuse to not to enjoy the sun and the fresh air. Take a book, a blanket or prepare a picnic. If you are in the mood to visit the cities on the outskirts and the beaches, the Metro will also take you to beautiful places such as Matosinhos, Vila do Conde or Póvoa do Varzim. A surf lesson (20 €) in Matosinhos is always an adventure not to be missed!