Portugal With 11 Elected In The 2020 Sustainable Top 100 Destinations

Oct 9, 2020

Of the 100 sustainable world destinations in 2020, 11 are in Portugal. The nominations were announced this week by Green Destinations. The Azores are once again included in the list that recognizes sustainable development in tourism, but there are more destinations in the country, from Alto Minho to Lagos that have won prominent places. Warmrental tells you everything!

11 of the 100 sustainable world destinations in 2020 are in Portugal. They go from Alto Minho to the Azores and the center of the country has almost half of the destinations, five. Only the Netherlands equated Portugal at the top of the countries with the most sustainable destinations. Find out here which are the awarded destinations:

"We must be proud to be leading this path of sustainable development in tourism," said Marta Guerreiro, holder of the Tourism portfolio.

Green Destinations is a non-profit foundation that focuses on the development and recognition of sustainable destinations. Every year this foundation publishes a list of 100 destinations with the aim of distinguishing the best sustainability practices worldwide and, in this way, inspiring other destinations, tour operators, and travelers.

The top 100 is chosen based on 30 Green Destinations basic sustainability criteria and a history of good sustainability practices for each destination. This recognition does not mean that the destination is sustainable. It does mean that you are doing a good job in terms of sustainability.

If you are interested, you can consult here the 100 sustainable world destinations of 2020.