General Cancelation Policy

What is the General Cancelation Policy?

All bookings are effective from the moment the guest receives the Booking Confirmation email and have paid 20% of the reservation in advance. In the case of Mid Term Bookings (28 nights or more) the processed payment will be 1 month.

All bookings can be canceled with more than 5 weeks in advance. If your booking was canceled with less than 5 weeks in advance you are not entitled to claim your advance payment back.

If you intend to cancel after checking in, you will lose 100% of the rental price. In the case of Mid Term Bookings (28 nights or more) the owner can also activate the amount charged for security deposit as a penalty.

There are exceptions to this policy related to the scenario of State of Emergency that may be in effect in the country of the reserved property.


How to cancel your booking?

In order to cancel your booking you should get in contact with Warmrental by email and follow the instructions for cancellation.

The cancellation is only effective from the moment you receive a notification that the reservation has been canceled.

In case you are entitled to a refund, once your booking is canceled and if you are entitled to have your advance fee back we will return you the money to a Paypal account and will not be responsible for the commissions fees applied for payment processing.

In case you are entitled to a refund and once the reservation is canceled, the advance payment will be returned by Paypal or directly to the payment method used, and all payment processing costs will be charged to the guest according to the payment terms of the chosen system.


If the Owners cancel my booking, how will the process be?

If the Owner cancels the reservation due to force majeure, the owner is obliged to provide equivalent or superior accommodation for the dates of the reservation. In cases where it is not possible to obtain an alternative solution to the guest, the payment in advance will be returned in full by Warmrental and all processing costs will be Warmrental´s responsibility. If there are any other losses or compensation fees that Travelers believe they are entitled to have, they should contact the Owner directly - who is responsible under the general terms and conditions - to assume full liability.


Can a traveler cancel a booking after checking in?

Yes, you can. However cancellations after check in are not entitled for a refund.

If for any reason you are not happy with your rental and would like to cancel your booking after checking in, we strongly suggest you to get in contact immediately with Warmrental Support by email to help you solve your problem the best way possible.



Can I cancel a reservation made using a Voucher?

Yes, you can. However these cancellations are not entitled for a refund. 100% of the voucher amount will be charged and cannot be used in other reservations.