Rules For Portugal’s Beaches

Jul 17, 2020

Did you know that there are new rules for access to beaches in Portugal? Taking into account the COVID-19 pandemic, the Directorate General of Health created a set of guidelines in order to ensure a safe trip to the beach. If you aren't aware of the new rules, Warmrental shares with you what you need to know.

These rules for the beach season aim to prevent and control the transmission of COVID-19 and apply to all beaches in the country, such as North, Cascais Line, Vicentine Coast, Algarve, etc. No exception.

“The beaches are very important recreational spaces in Portugal, visited every year by thousands of people, so, in the current context of the Covid-19 disease pandemic, it is important to define the procedures to be taken into account when using these spaces, in order to not put at risk the strategy adopted in the control of the pandemic”, according to the decree published in the Diário da República.

These are some of the rules you must follow when going to a Portuguese beach during the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Before going, check the occupancy to the beach and avoid beaches with high or full occupancy;
  • Parking is prohibited outside parks and parking areas.
  • Disinfect your hands on arrival at the beach and regularly;
  • Keep a social distance of 2 meters on the beach and at sea;
  • Respect the one-way circulation;
  • Awnings, stems, and tents can only be rented in the morning or in the afternoon;
  • The use of seagulls, slides, or indoor showers is prohibited.

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