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Lauper Blueºº Villa, Boliqueime, Algarve
Europe > Portugal > Algarve > Boliqueime
Villa, Bedroom(s): 3, Sleeps: 6
Lauper Blue Villa
From €289 /Night
Lauper Whiteºº Villa, Boliqueime, Algarve
Europe > Portugal > Algarve > Boliqueime
Villa, Bedroom(s): 4, Sleeps: 8
Lauper Whiteºº Villa has everything you need for your holiday in the Algarve: pool, terrace, garden, parking, and privacy. Come find out...
From €303 /Night
Blomma Villa, Vila Nova de Cerveira, Viana do Castelo
Europe > Portugal > Viana do Castelo
Villa, Bedroom(s): 4, Sleeps: 10
Pool, garden, and tranquility are just some of the things you will find at Blomma Villa. Located in Cerveira, it invites you for an unforgettable vacation!
From €149 /Night
Stellaria Villa, Vieira do Minho, Braga
Europe > Portugal > Braga > Gerês
Villa, Bedroom(s): 2, Sleeps: 6
Two pools, a beautiful garden, and a fantastic view. This is a bit of what Stellaria Villa has to offer you, at a short distance from Gerês.
From €135 /Night
Lazuli Yellow Villa, Conceição, Tavira
Europe > Portugal > Algarve > Tavira
Villa, Bedroom(s): 3, Sleeps: 8
Lazuli Yellow Villa is a well-decorated vacation home in Tavira. With a fantastic pool and a beautiful garden, it is sure to be a great base for your holiday!
From €129 /Night
Elgin Villa, Monchique, Algarve
Europe > Portugal > Algarve > Monchique
Villa, Bedroom(s): 4, Sleeps: 8
Elgin Villa, at Serra de Monchique, is a magical property with plenty of space, private pool, and superb views to the Algarve coastline.
From €215 /Night
Melan Villa, Montargil, Portalegre
Europe > Portugal > Alentejo > Montargil
Villa, Bedroom(s): 3, Sleeps: 8
Melan Villa, inserted in a spacious and private property with pool and garden, will welcome you at Montargil for your relaxed vacation at 1 hour from Lisbon.
From €100 /Night
Guan Green Villa, Ponte de Lima, Portugal
Europe > Portugal > Braga > Ponte de Lima
Villa, Bedroom(s): 5, Sleeps: 10
This house will provide you days of peace and quiet, during which we guarantee that the only thing you'll hear will be the sounds of nature.
From €179 /Night
Flak Studio, São Miguel, Azores
Europe > Portugal > Azores > Sao Miguel
Studio, Sleeps: 3
Flak Studio, with spacious garden and pool, is a fantastic solution for your vacation in Azores.
From €35 /Night
Shell Villa, Aljezur, Algarve
Europe > Portugal > Algarve > Aljezur
Villa, Bedroom(s): 3, Sleeps: 6
Shell Villa, in Aljezur, is a fantastic property with a spacious garden and a private pool!
From €115 /Night