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Prunella Apartment, Braga, Portugal
Europe > Portugal > Braga
Studio, Sleeps: 2
Prunella Apartment, with a terrace, pool, garden, and free parking, promises to be the ideal place to rest during a holiday in Braga.
From €85 /Night
Coesite White Apartment, Praça de Espanha, Lisbon
Europe > Portugal > Lisbon > Praca Espanha
Apartment, Bedroom(s): 2, Sleeps: 6
Coesite White Apartment is a renovated property with modern decor where you can relax after a long day exploring Lisbon with family or friends.
From €115 /Night
Nepeta White Villa, Ericeira, Mafra
Europe > Portugal > Mafra > Ericeira
Villa, Bedroom(s): 1, Sleeps: 3
If you're planning an Ericeira vacation, Nepeta White Villa is a good solution. It is located in the center of the village, near the beach!
From €55 /Night
Marsilea White Villa, Reguengos de Monsaraz, Évora
Europe > Portugal > Alentejo > Evora
Villa, Bedroom(s): 3, Sleeps: 6
Are you planning a holiday in the Alentejo region? In that case, choose Marsilea White Villa, located in the beautiful city of Reguengos de Monsaraz.
From €115 /Night
Ajwain Red Apartment, Graça, Lisbon
Europe > Portugal > Lisbon > Graça
Apartment, Bedroom(s): 3, Sleeps: 6
It's time to get your family or friends together on a Lisbon vacation, and the fully-equipped Ajwain Red Apartment overlooking the city is ready to welcome you!
From €209 /Night
Critty Villa, Albufeira, Algarve
Europe > Portugal > Algarve > Albufeira
Villa, Bedroom(s): 3, Sleeps: 8
If you're looking for a comfortable place for your vacation days, Critty Villa in Galé, Albufeira is the perfect place!
From €145 /Night
Nigrum Apartment, Santos, Lisbon
Europe > Portugal > Lisbon > Santos
Apartment, Bedroom(s): 2, Sleeps: 6
Nigrum is a modern and comfortable apartment with a private terrace located in the Santos neighborhood. It has everything you need for your holiday in Lisbon!
From €69 /Night
Cakile Red Villa, Nazaré, Leiria
Europe > Portugal > Leiria > Nazare
Villa, Bedroom(s): 2, Sleeps: 6
You will find in Cakile Red Villa a great accommodation with all the necessary amenities to spend a great holiday in Nazaré!
From €95 /Night
Cakile Grey Villa, Nazaré, Leiria
Europe > Portugal > Leiria > Nazare
Apartment, Bedroom(s): 2, Sleeps: 6
With a small pool in the terrace and a short walk from the beach, Cakile Grey Villa invites you to a memorable vacation in Nazaré!
From €125 /Night
Auren Villa, Ourém, Santarém
Europe > Portugal > Santarem > Ourém
Villa, Bedroom(s): 3, Sleeps: 5
Are you planning a holiday in Ourém and are looking for the right accommodation for you? Auren Villa, within walking distance of the castle, is a great option!
From €105 /Night