Top 5 of delicacies to taste in Lisbon


Food makes us travel and if food is one of the reasons that made you choose Lisbon, then point these 5 tips and enjoy:

Pastéis de Nata: Go to Lisbon and do not eat a custard tart (pastel de nata) is like going to Rome without going through the Coliseum. There are numerous sites that sell this Portuguese delicacy, despite the best known being the home of Pastel de Belém.

Pastel de Bacalhau com Queijo da Serra: When the Portuguese population became aware that someone invented a codfish (bacalhau) cake with cheese, Lisbon imploded – the match would be two very typical Portuguese products that should not be mixed. The truth is that the pastel of discord won fans. And we also approve!

Everything that exists in the Confeitaria Nacional: Portugal is one of the countries in the world with largest confectioner tradition. It is not so surprising to find a pastry every 50 meters, and the vast majority of them with cakes and high-quality sweets. However, it is the Confeitaria Nacional, in Rossio, where you can find the greatest variety in one place.

Sardinhas: Eat a sardine (sardinha) in Lisbon at the time of the Saints (Santos Populares), and we ensure that you’ll never be the same. You will not be satisfied with just one, but part of the charm is to eat two or three, always accompanied by good bread with olive oil and a glass of wine.

Caracóis: When it comes to snails (caracóis), there are only two possible views: either you love or you hate. Who likes, says it’s the best summer snack ever invented. Who hates, questions how this animal can be served on a plate. Even better is to try and see for yourself.

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