3 Tips For Getting Good Vacation Rental Reviews

3 Tips For Getting Good Vacation Rental Reviews // WarmRental

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3 Tips For Getting Good Vacation Rental Reviews

Wondering if reviews really make a difference to the success of your vacation rental? According to this study by Mintel, 70% of people seek out opinions before making the decision to buy. Rather than being convinced by the description or even ads, they want to hear other people’s recommendations to make sure they’re making the right decision when booking your vacation rental. That’s why we create a space for reviews on Warm Rental. Having said that, if you are a property owner here are three important tips for getting good vacation rental reviews.

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1. Ask for reviews.

This first step is to actually encourage your guests to leave a review. Let your guests know how you would appreciate it if they shared their feedback so that other people can enjoy the great experience they had. If you don’t ask, the answer will always be no.

2. Remind your guests.

More often than not, people don’t leave a review because they simply forgot to do it so it’s okay to politely remind them. To make it easier for your guests, give them a card with two or three questions at check-in. The questions are a way to avoid the short and sweet “It was great” reply. While this type of reviews is also appreciated, your potential customers will want a bit more detail. Another tip is to send a follow-up email asking for a review once they leave your rental as a little reminder.

3. Reply to your reviews.

Make sure you reply to your guests’ reviews whether they are good or bad. If they’re good, thank them for sharing the positive feedback. If they’re bad, look into what went wrong during their stay and give them a solution. It’s better than not addressing at all.

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Are you a property owner? If so, do you have any other tip on getting good vacation rental reviews?

3 Tips For Getting Good Vacation Rental Reviews // WarmRental

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