Why You Need A Vacation Rental Welcome Book

Why You Need A Vacation Rental Welcome Book // WarmRental

Why You Need A Vacation Rental Welcome Book

One of the reasons why guests decide to stay in a vacation rental rather than in a hotel is because it provides a more personal experience and gives them the opportunity to live like a local. That said, and to keep your guests happy and excited to come back, it’s important to create a welcoming space and show them that you are a thoughtful host. According to WarmRental, one of the best ways to achieve that is by having a vacation rental Welcome Book.

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What is a welcome book?

A Welcome Book is a compilation of resources that your guests might find helpful, such as information about the property and the neighborhood. It’s about anticipating any potential problems or issues, give comprehensive instructions and make sure every point is helpful for your guests.

When it comes to the format, it can be digital or paper. Just keep in mind that a Welcome Book should reflect your property, be informative and eye-catching yet concise and professional.

The best thing about a Welcome Book? It tells your guests that you are a thoughtful host who cares about the quality of their stay, which might result in positive reviews and fewer phone calls with questions during your guests’ stay.

Why You Need A Vacation Rental Welcome Book // WarmRental

What is included in a welcome book?

Here are our suggestions on what to include:

  • Personal welcome letter;
  • Helpful contacts;
  • Your property’s policies;
  • How-to instructions;
  • How to get around;
  • Your recommendations.

1. Personal welcome letter.

A personal welcome letter is the first thing you should include in your Welcome Book. Welcome your guests, thank them for choosing your property and wish them a wonderful stay. It will make your guests feel special and excited about their decision to stay in your vacation home.

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2. Helpful contacts.

Your Welcome Book should not only provide your contact information but also some helpful contacts in case of an emergency, such as the fire department, the police or the nearest hospital.

3. Your property’s policies.

Although you might have mentioned it before, it’s important to also include your property’s policies, such as check-in/check-out procedures, house rules, parking instructions, as well as garbage disposal information. Laid all this information out clearly. Once in your Welcome Book, it will be harder for your guests say they weren’t aware of the rules.

4. How-to instructions.

Another helpful thing to include in your Welcome Book is instructions on how to use appliances, electronics, thermostat, and even how to access the property. It might also be helpful to provide item locations, such as remotes, bike equipment, first aid box, etc. so that your guests are informed.

5. How to get around.

Let your guests know the easiest way to get around in the area. Provide local transportation information, taxi services, and car rentals. If you want to take the extra step, leave them a map.

6. Your recommendations.

Last but definitely not least, it’s time to include your recommendations. Share a selection of your favorite restaurants, local attractions, grocery stores, and activities they can’t miss. Who doesn’t love a good recommendation from a local?

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That’s a lot of information to include, right? Creating a Welcome Book is time-consuming but it is very helpful in the long run, both to you and to your guests. Let us help you!

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Does your vacation rental have a welcome book?

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