How To Create A Vacation Rental Welcome Basket

How To Create A Vacation Rental Welcome Basket. Airbnb Host. // WarmRental

How To Create A Vacation Rental Welcome Basket

If you want to impress your guests, leave a gift basket with treats at your vacation rental before they arrive. This will show that you’re a thoughtful host and set the tone for a fantastic stay. It can be something like a breakfast basket with ingredients for their first morning at your property or a basket with local products. If you are considering offering a vacation rental welcome basket to your guests but don’t know where to begin, WarmRental created a list of great ideas that will delight them.

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Welcome Book

One of the first things you should include in your vacation rental welcome basket is a welcome book. Here you can include helpful information, such as emergency contacts, instructions, local attractions and restaurants nearby. If you want something simpler, write a welcome letter instead to greet your guests and wish them an amazing stay.

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Offering the breakfast for your guests’ first morning at your vacation home is also a great idea. You can include ingredients such as coffee, tea, cereal, fruit, etc.

Fresh Treat

If you’re a good baker, include a fresh treat in your vacation rental welcome basket. It can be something like a homemade cake or cookies that your guests can enjoy.

Local Produce

If there is a specific fruit or vegetable that your town is known for or if you grow any produce at your vacation home, make sure to include some in your basket.


Leaving a bottle of wine is another great item to include in your basket, especially if your guests are checking in after a long day of travel.

Gift Card

Make a list of your favorite restaurants in the area and include a gift card to one of them. Get in touch with the person behind the restaurants and agree on a mutually beneficial deal for both of you so that you can treat your guests to discounted meal at one of your favorite places in the area.

Themed Basket

Another great idea is to create a personalized welcome basket by taking into account the type of your vacation home and its location. You could also create a basket targeted to kids, with some books and coloring books; or a basket for rainy days, with movies and board games. And don’t forget the “special occasion” guests, coming to your property to celebrate a birthday or a honeymoon. If you know your guests are celebrating a special occasion, you could create a themed basket which they will surely appreciate.

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What do you think of offering a vacation rental welcome basket to your guests?

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