How To Deal With Bad Guests Reviews

How To Deal With Bad Guests Reviews. Vacation Rental Owner. Airbnb Host // Warmrental

How To Deal With Bad Guests Reviews

Who doesn’t like getting a compliment? Every host enjoys when a guest leaves a positive review sharing how wonderful their experience was at your vacation rental and how they look forward to coming back in the future. However, getting a bad review is inevitable. As amazing as your rental is, you can’t please everyone. And especially as your bookings increase, the chances of getting negative feedback increase too. When it does happen, how do you handle it? How do you deal with bad guests reviews? That’s what Warmrental is discussing in this article. Keep reading to find out!

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1. Understand why.

Some guests might write a long comment explaining why they didn’t have a positive experience at your vacation rental but others just leave a bad rating and don’t get into detail. First, it’s important to understand why your guest left a bad review. If you have a clear picture of what bothered them, it’s easier to explain and defend yourself.

After understanding why, take some time to process the information and then proceed to reply.

2. Apologize.

“The customer is always right”, that’s what they say, right? Even if you don’t agree with your guests, apologize and let them know how bad you feel for their negative experience at your vacation rental. Tell them your goal is to create the best experience possible for them so you are sorry to know they feel that way about the stay.

3. Be professional.

After getting a negative review, you might feel offended and your first instinct is to reply in a hostile way. However, the way you respond to negative feedback says a lot about you as a host to potential guests. If you write an offensive reply and criticize your guest in return (no matter how unreasonable they are), you’ll cause a bad impression and hurt your credibility.

Instead, be professional and write a short response. Appreciate their feedback and acknowledge the areas you need to work on as your focus is to keep improving.

It’s also important to assure your guests (and especially potential guests) that what happened was a rare occurrence. For instance, if your guests had some issues with the air-conditioning during their stay, assure them you have already taken care of it. On the other hand, if a guest complains about something mentioned in the listing, point out that you’re surprised to read their feedback as it’s clearly mentioned in the description or shown in the pictures.

4. Keep improving.

Last but not least, bad guests reviews aren’t just bad. Use negative feedback to handle other situations in the future. Maybe someone found the apartment too cold so you can provide a heater; or maybe someone complained about bad communication or lack of cleaning in the kitchen cabinets so you can work on that.

That said, see the bad guest reviews as constructive criticism to help you improve your vacation rental.

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How do you deal with bad guest reviews?

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