The Best Things To Do In Phuket To Make The Most Of Your Vacation

Are you planning a trip to Phuket? In this article that Warmrental prepared for you, you will find the best things to do in Phuket to make the most of your vacation.

Located in the south of Thailand, Phuket is the largest island in the country and a major tourist destination. From dreamy beaches, stunning viewpoints, historical buildings, and interesting cultural attractions, there’s plenty to do and see on the island. Keep reading to discover Warmrental‘s guide to the best things to do in Phuket!

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1. Phang Nga Bay

Phang Nga Bay | Best Things To Do In Phuket | Warmrental

One of the main Phuket must-see attractions is the Phang Nga Bay with its emerald-green water, sheer limestone karsts, impressive caves, and tiny paradise islands. Take a boat trip from the northern end of Phuket and enjoy a day cruising through the incredible scenery.

James Bond Island and Koh Panyee are two of the most famous spots. James Bond Island, with its signature rocky pinnacle, was featured in the James Bond movie 007, which explains its name. Then, stop for lunch at Koh Panyee, a small village built over the water. Here, there are some restaurants where you can enjoy fresh seafood and souvenir shops.

2. Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Islands | Best Things To Do In Phuket | Warmrental

Did you ever watch “The Beach”? If so, you may recognize Phi Phi Island since it was featured in the movie with its sheer cliffs and beach-fronted jungle. It’s a little piece from heaven!

3. Big Buddha 

Big Buddha | Best Things To Do In Phuket | Warmrental

The giant Buddha image is another thing you must add to your list of things to do in Phuket. Made from white Burmese marble and 45 meters tall, this religious icon sits on the top of the Nakkerd Hills offers stunning 360-degree views of the island.

4. Wat Chalong Temple

Wat Chalong | Best Things To Do In Phuket | Warmrental

Wat Chalong is the most important and largest Buddhist temple in Phuket. In this historical landmark, locals pray and visitors can appreciate its beauty and learn more about Buddhism. Did you know that at Grand Pagoda, there’s a splinter of bone from Lord Buddha himself?

5. Promthep Cape

Promthep Cape | Best Things To Do In Phuket | Warmrental

Promthep Cape, in Nai Harn, is the most southerly point of the island and one of the most famous viewpoints in Phuket. The view is spectacular and on a clear day, you might even be able to see the Phi Phi islands!

6. Karon Viewpoint

Karon Viewpoint | Best Things To Do In Phuket | Warmrental

Located near Kata Noi Beach, this is another popular viewpoint in Phuket. Karon viewpoint overlooks the Andaman Sea and the beautiful west coast beaches. The view might take your breath away!

7. Night Markets

Phuket Weekend Market | Best Things To Do In Phuket | Warmrental

There are quite a few night markets in Phuket but one of the most popular is Naka Market (also known as Phuket Weekend Market) in a picturesque place of Phuket Town. In this big weekend market, you can try local street food, buy some keepsakes, and watch street performances.

8. Bangla Road

Bangla Road | Best Things To Do In Phuket

After sunset, Bangla Road is closed to traffic and the road comes to life. It tends to be quite jammed packed with people but if you want to experience Phuket’s nightlife, Bangla Road is the place to be with its many nightclubs, bars, and entertainment shows.

9. Phuket Old Town

Phuket Old Town | Best Things To Do In Phuket | Warmrental

Rich in history, Phuket’s Old Town (the provincial capital of Phuket) is a wonderful place for a stroll. You’ll find Buddhist and Chinese temples, museums, boutique shops, and charming restaurants and cafés.

10. Green Elephant Sanctuary Park

Green Elephant Sanctuary Park | Best Things To Do In Phuket | Warmrental

At the Green Elephant Sanctuary, the welfare of their elephants is their first priority. You will be able to meet, interact, and even swim with the elephants. This is the most ethical way to see these animals up close in the island of Phuket.

11. Entertainment

Simon Cabaret Show | Best Things To Do In Phuket | Warmrental

Simon Cabaret Show and the Phuket FantaSea Show are two amazing options if you’re looking for what to do in Phuket. The first one is a renowned “ladyboy” cabaret shows on the island. The second one is a spectacular Las Vegas-style show.

12. Relax

Kata Beach | Best Things To Do In Phuket | Warmrental

And of course, don’t forget to simply relax on the beach. Phuket is mostly known for its stunning beaches with white sand and clear blue water so you’ll have plenty to choose from.

Some of the best beaches in Phuket include Kata Beach, Nai Harn Beach, Bangtao Beach, Karon Beach, and Patong Beach.

Planning a Phuket vacation? What are you most looking forward to doing?

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