The Guide For A Successful Vacation Rental: Extras

The Guide For A Successful Vacation Rental: Extras // Warmrental

One of your goals as a host should be to exceed your guests’ expectations. In addition to offering the essential amenities, it is important to anticipate their needs and surprise them with a few extras that can make a positive impact. If your guests leave your vacation rental with their expectations exceeded, they will more easily leave a positive comment to recommend the stay.

That said, Warmrental has made a selection of some extras that you could offer in your vacation rental…

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Welcome letter.

Start on the right foot by leaving a welcome letter for your guests. It is a way to introduce yourself and welcome those who will be staying at your property. This shows that you are an attentive host and are concerned with ensuring the well-being of your guests.

If you want to take it a step further, you can even prepare a welcome book that, in addition to including a short welcome note, has useful information and tips about your property, maps, and recommendations.

Local produce.

Making some local products available to your guests is a good way to present your region and the best it has to offer to those who visit it. Alternatively, if you like to bake, it may also be a good option to offer something prepared by you, such as cookies or a cake for their arrival.

Practical items.

If you travel frequently, you may have already arrived at your vacation rental only to realize that you forgot something practical. When that happens, you may have wanted to find the forgotten item available on the property where you were staying, right?

Here is a list of some practical items you can make available:

  • universal adapters;
  • shower gel and shampoo;
  • sunscreen and a parasol at a beach destination;
  • cot and high chair for those traveling with children;
  • etc.

Making this type of practical items available to your guests can make all the difference.

Basic items.

A property rented on a self-catering basis means that food must be provided by the guests themselves. However, there are products that guests do not bring for a short stay and it doesn’t make much sense to buy considering their use in small quantities. So, it might be a good idea to have on your property:

  • salt and pepper;
  • olive oil;
  • sugar;
  • tea and coffee;
  • napkins and toilet paper;
  • kitchen cloths;
  • produtos básicos de limpeza.

Pets allowed.

More and more people are traveling with their pets, so it may be worthwhile to rethink if your property does not allow them. As the options are more limited, offering this amenity can make more people choose your vacation rental.

If you allow pets, be sure to include bowls for water and food or even some treats.

You may charge a pet fee to cover the additional cleaning cost and make it clear to your guests that they will be held responsible for any damage caused by their pets.

Entertainment options.

Even if your guests may not make much use of the television, it is always a good idea to offer this convenience, especially cable channels or Netflix access, for example.

Another idea will be to include some magazines, books and/or games for rainy days.


One of our guests’ suggestions for improvement is to offer more storage options, whether in the living room, bedroom or bathroom.

  • provide hangers in the closet;
  • make sure there are places in the bathroom to hang towels and clothes, as well as places to put hygiene products;
  • invest on storage systems so that guests have space to store their belongings.

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Blackout curtains.

Many people have difficulty sleeping in a bright environment so it is a good idea to install blackout curtains in the bedrooms and also in the living room, if necessary.


It may also be a good idea to include a barbecue on the list of facilities, especially if you have a local accommodation near the beach with a balcony.

Laundry room.

It is not always feasible to offer your guests a washing machine and dryer, but it is something that you should consider if possible so that they can take care of their clothes during their stay.

At check-in/check-out

Another nice gesture will be to offer to pick up or take your guests to the airport. We know that it’s not always possible or feasible, but there are cases where it can make a difference.

Your guests will appreciate and remember your attentive gestures when they later evaluate your vacation rental!

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