What To Do To Limit Coronavirus Impact On Your Short-Term Rental?

What To Do To Limit Coronavirus Impact On Your Short-Term Rental? | Airbnb Host | Coronavirus Short Term Rental. Vacation Rental | Warmrental

This is a difficult time for all of us. Particularly for short-term rental owners who see their calendars empty as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. In this article, Warmrental shares with you some ideas to get around this challenging situation.

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Offer a discount to canceled reservations.

For guests who cancel their bookings because of COVID-19, offer a 10% to 30% discount as soon as you receive the cancellation. This will increase the likelihood that the guest will rebook your short-term rental when this situation ends.

Apply a discount to the daily rate.

One of the measures you can take to limit the impact of the coronavirus is to apply a discount to the daily rate, mainly during the high season months, in order to attract guests who are looking for a good deal for their next trip.

Take the opportunity to improve your short-term rental.

  • If your calendars are emptier in the coming weeks, take the opportunity to do necessary maintenance or renovations in order to improve your short-term rental before the beginning of summer. If you don’t know how you can improve, pay attention to the reviews that your property has received in recent months in order to check if there are any suggestions for improvement left by your guests.
  • If your short-term rental does not require maintenance, choose to do a thorough cleaning before the start of the high season. Pay attention to details that usually go unnoticed. Turn the mattress around, wash blankets, pillow covers, and curtains, clean cabinets and drawers, clean lamps and air conditioning filters, etc.
  • Renew the decoration of your property in order to make it more attractive. You don’t need to do a complete renovation, small details can make a big impact.

Promote your property to local tourists.

In the coming months, international travel is likely to remain very limited. One way to get around this is to promote your property to local tourists who, when this situation improves, want to spend a weekend away from home but not far from where they live. Therefore, it will be important to review your minimum stay policy to make it shorter and reconsider, for instance, accepting pets.

Another type of guests may be those who need to travel for work reasons and need a place to stay. Maybe even on a medium-term stay. So, be open to the possibility of accepting this type of bookings in order to guarantee a more fixed income.

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