How To Promote Your Short-Term Rental To Domestic Travelers

How To Promote Your Short-Term Rental To Domestic Travelers. Vacation Rental Owner. Airbnb Host. Short Term Rental Owner // Warmrental

As we mentioned in this article, when we’re able to overcome the difficult situation we are currently experiencing, the number of domestic travelers is expected to increase. Still afraid of traveling abroad, most people will choose destinations closer to home for their vacation. With that in mind, Warmrental shares some tips on how to promote your short-term rental to domestic travelers, those who travel within their own country.

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Review your prices.

More often than not, this type of tourist is not looking for a luxurious vacation but rather something affordable and relatively close to home so that they can enjoy a comfortable stay after the end of this challenging period.

That said, consider doing a lowering your tariffs to attract this audience.

Make the minimum stay more flexible.

It is worth rethinking your booking conditions if you only allow a minimum stay of one week. Many domestic travelers will be looking for a weekend getaway or just a few vacation days to renew their batteries. Later on, you can increase the minimum stay again, but in the coming months, you should be able to attract more bookings if you are more flexible.

Accept pets.

Domestic travelers, who travel within their own country and mostly by car, want to be able to take their pets with them. By not allowing this to happen, you are limiting the number of reservations your vacation rental gets. On the other hand, if you offer this amenity, you will increase your profit not only with more reservations but also with the pet fee.

Optimize your listing.

Optimize your vacation rental’s ad with keywords that can attract this type of traveler. Describe your property so that potential guests feel that, by booking your rental, they will have access to things they don’t have in their own homes: a stunning view of the sea, a relaxing bathtub, a pool where they can enjoy good family moments, a television with access to Netflix, a wide range of games and activities, etc. Also, parking, for example, should also be something to emphasize on your listing since this amenity is appreciated by domestic travelers who normally travel by car.

Make potential guests dream of staying at your short-term rental.

Promote your property.

Now that you’ve optimized your ad, it’s important to promote it via email, social media, Google, etc. so that as many people as possible discover your fantastic rental.

Warmrental can help you with this, learn more about it here.

Ensure complete cleaning.

Even after the end of this epidemic, it is natural that all tourists – as well as you as a host – continue to have a greater concern for hygiene standards. Thus, it is important that you not only disinfect and sanitize after each stay, but also that you inform your potential and future guests that your property has been disinfected and sanitized so that they feel more secure when it comes to booking.

Please, note that with this article we do not want to encourage you to take any risks. We ask you to always follow the recommendations of health authorities in order to protect yourself and others. Our goal is to give you some tools so that, when we overcome these challenging times, you will be able to rebuild your short-term rental.

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