6 New Types of Audience to Promote Your Short-Term Rental To

6 New Types of Audience to Promote Your Short-Term Rental To. Vacation Rental Owner. Airbnb Host. Short Term Rental Owner // Warmrental

During this exceptional and challenging time, it is crucial that, as an owner of a short-term rental, you are flexible, creative and able to adapt to change in order to overcome this crisis. It is expected that this pandemic will cause several changes in customer behavior, giving rise to new types of audiences. If your typical target audience is foreign tourists, in this challenging season, it is necessary to adapt to this new reality and look for new types of public to whom to promote your short-term rental. That is precisely what Warmrental will cover in this article.

We understand that your income will inevitably suffer cuts, but if you take advantage of the new opportunities that arise, you can limit the impact of this crisis until the situation normalizes.

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Those looking for a staycation.

After the peak of the crisis, and when the situation improves, domestic tourists are expected to increase, who, for fear of traveling abroad, choose destinations closer to home for their much-desired vacation.

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Those who can’t return home.

Due to traffic restrictions imposed by several countries, there are “trapped” tourists who have not been able to return home or who have decided, for security reasons, to extend their stay. Thus, they will need accommodation until they are able to return to their country.

Those looking for a mid-term stays.

The market for mid-term stays is also expected to increase. This can guarantee longer bookings, a more fixed income and less operating costs (cleaning, check-in, etc.), which is ideal at a time when everyone is looking to reduce costs.

When the tourism sector returns to normal, you can always go back to short-term stays.

Those working from home.

At a time when the number of people working from home has increased, there may be those who, for various reasons, don’t have the appropriate conditions to do so from their own home. Thus, they look for suitable spaces where they can work in isolation.

Those in quarantine.

Many are, unfortunately, in quarantine. Either in voluntary self-isolation or because they were in contact with someone infected. All of these people need accommodation for the recommended two weeks before returning to their families.

Those taking care of us.

People working at hospitals, who are in isolation from their families to not put them at risk or who have to travel to provide support outside their area of residence, need accommodation as well.

You can reach out to local hospitals to inform them that you have accommodation available to rent to the heroes who are currently caring for us all. Therefore, you can keep your vacation rental occupied throughout this crisis.

Please, note that with this article we do not want to encourage you to take any risks. We ask you to always follow the recommendations of health authorities in order to protect yourself and others. Our goal is to give you some tools so that, when we overcome these challenging times, you will be able to rebuild your short-term rental.

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