How To Get The “Clean & Safe” Seal For Your Short-Term Rental

Como Obter O Selo “Clean & Safe” Para O Seu Alojamento Local // Warmrental

Turismo de Portugal launched the “Clean & Safe” seal. Its goal is to make tourist companies aware of compliance with the recommendations of the Directorate-General for Health and to stimulate the tourist activity recovery, promoting Portugal as a safe destination. If you are a short-term rental owner, Warmrental shares with you everything you need to know to obtain your seal.

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What is the “Clean & Safe” seal?

The “Clean & Safe” seal is free and optional and valid until April 30, 2021. This seal must be requested online on the Turismo de Portugal website by companies in the sector, including tourist developments, short-term rentals, tourist entertainment companies, and travel agencies.

Taking into account the epidemic situation in which we live in, Turismo de Portugal intends, with the creation of this seal, to recognize companies in the sector that comply with the necessary hygiene and cleaning measures in order to prevent and control COVID-19. Thus, we will be able to strengthen tourist confidence in Portugal as a safe destination and encourage the recovery of the sector.

What is the benefit of having this seal?

The “Clean & Safe” seal is a declaration of commitment. It means that you, as a host, are concerned with ensuring the hygiene and safety standards of your vacation rental and that, therefore, you have obtained this seal. This will provide a sense of security to potential guests who are considering booking your property, and may even be a turning point.

However, this seal is not mandatory so you can keep advertising your property on the usual promotion sites.

What are the requirements to obtain it?

Registration is free, but several requirements must be met to obtain this seal:

  • Registration of the tourist company in Turismo de Portugal. That is, the attribution of the seal will be associated with your short-term rental number;
  • Implementation of an Internal Protocol on hygiene and safety measures, according to the recommendations of the Portuguese Directorate-General for Health;
  • Compliance with the set of provisions contained in the «Declaration of Commitment» that you can discover here;
  • Submission of the «Declaration of Commitment» on the website of Turismo de Portugal.

Only after submitting the Declaration of Commitment will you be able to use the seal, either on your property or on digital platforms. All establishments will be audited.

Want to know more?

Sign up for the Clean & Safe Training Program where you can learn more about this distinction and receive support to structure your Internal Action Protocol regarding the COVID-19 outbreak. Register here!

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