5 Steps For Cleaning And Disinfecting Your Short-Term Rental During COVID-19

5 Steps For Cleaning And Sanitizing Your Short-Term Rental During COVID-19 // Warmrental

During this pandemic, short-term rental cleaning is more important than ever. To help you ensure yours and your guest’s safety, Airbnb has created an advanced hygiene protocol. Hosts who commit to following these guidelines will see their ad highlighted to show potential guests the high standard of cleanliness of that vacation rental.

That said, Warmrental is sharing with you 5 steps to clean and disinfect your short-term rental during COVID-19, according to Airbnb recommendations.

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Step 1: Prepare the materials to be used.

Before starting to clean and disinfect the accommodation, it is recommended to wait at least 3 hours.

Meanwhile, it is important that you choose the right materials for each step of the process. These are some of the essentials:

  • Face mask;
  • Disposable gloves (one pair for each room);
  • Apron;
  • Shoe covers;
  • Multi surfaced disinfectant;
  • Among others.

Discover here the recommended materials.

Step 2: Clean all the surfaces.

Do you know the difference between cleaning and disinfecting? Cleaning means removing dirt. However, a clean space is not a disinfected space. Disinfecting implies using chemical products in order to reduce the number of bacteria.

That said, you should start by cleaning the property:

  • Clean all floors and surfaces;
  • Wash dishes and dirty clothes;
  • Empty the bins and place new bags.

Step 3: Disinfect frequently touched areas.

After cleaning the short-term rental, disinfect all frequently touched surfaces, such as door handles and cabinets, light switches, etc. with a disinfectant spray. Allow the product to act for the amount of time recommended by the manufacturer.

Step 4: Verify that the space has been completely cleaned and disinfected.

Airbnb created checklists by room so that nothing is overlooked. So, after cleaning and disinfecting your property, it is important to verify that everything has been done.

Step 5: Reset the room for the next guest.

After you finish cleaning and disinfecting the room, wash your hands, put on clean gloves, and replace supplies, towels, or sheets for the next guest. Then, close the door and disinfect the door handle before moving to a new room. Do not re-enter the space that has already been cleaned and disinfected.

Discover more here.

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