How To Make Your Vacation Rental Stand Out During COVID-19

How To Make Your Vacation Rental Stand Out During COVID-19 | Vacation Rental Owner | Airbnb Host Tips | Warmrental

Warmrental is sharing with you some tips on how to make your vacation rental stand out from the competition during COVID-19 so that you can increase your bookings.

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Promote your rental to domestic travelers.

If in the past most of the tourists who used to spend their holiday in Portugal were foreigners, in recent months, the numbers have reversed. With the limitations imposed by the various countries and the fear of traveling abroad during a pandemic, domestic travelers have increased significantly. There are fewer foreign tourists arriving in Portugal and more Portuguese tourists choosing to spend their holiday here.

Therefore, it is important to reach this type of public by adapting your conditions and listing. Discover here our tips.

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Raise your standard of cleanliness and let your guests know about it.

During a pandemic, guests want to feel even more confident about how clean a vacation rental is before booking. In order to win over these guests, in addition to raising your standard of cleanliness, make sure that, through your listing, they know the steps you are taking to clean and sanitize your rental. By doing so, you’ll make them feel more confident about booking your property. During the stay, you can also have disinfectant available to your guests as an extra.

Recently, Airbnb created a new cleaning protocol and promises to highlight the vacation rentals that commit to following it. Discover more here.

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Highlight the qualities of your property.

The pandemic has brought about a lot of changes, including the amenities that guests are most looking for. Is your property in an isolated location? Away from the crowds? In the perfect place to practice social distancing? Does it have a private pool? This is something that deserves to be highlighted in your listing as it is something that can help to make your vacation rental stand out. Make sure it’s clear.

Opt for self-check-in.

One of the recommendations is to avoid in-person check-in. Previously, it was something that many hosts preferred in order to welcome their guests but now it is advisable to allow self-check-in in order to reduce contact.

In addition to being safer, it is also more flexible since it is not necessary to be on-site or arrange with your guests the exact time for handing over the keys. Create a short welcome video explaining how to check-in and answering frequently asked questions and instructions on how to use the equipment.

Allow mid-term stays.

One of the new trends that have emerged as a result of the pandemic is the increase in demand for mid-term rentals. If you are a vacation rental owner, it may be something to consider to help you keep your calendar full during the lower seasons.

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