How To Make Your Vacation Rental Pet-Friendly

How To Make Your Vacation Rental Pet-Friendly | Pet-Friendly Accommodation. Owning A Pet Friendly Vacation Rental. | Warmrental

Did you know that allowing pets is a good way to increase bookings? More and more people have pets and they don’t want to leave them behind when going on holiday. However, pet-friendly accommodation is very limited which can be a challenge for pet owners but an advantage for you if your property allows pets. Since there is less competition, you’ll have a bigger chance of standing out. If you are considering making your vacation rental pet-friendly, Warmrental shares with you a few tips.

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How To Make Your Vacation Rental Pet-Friendly

1. Charge pet fees.

Just as guests pay a refundable security deposit, returned in case there is no damage to the property at check-out, you can charge a higher or a specific refundable pet deposit as a preventive measure. A pet fee should also be charged to pay for additional cleaning.

2. Have clear, specific rules.

It’s very important to have clear vacation rental rules. Including regarding pets. This will help you set expectations and avoid misunderstandings with your guests.

Here are a few things to consider when it comes to setting the rules:

  • number of pets
  • type of pet
  • weight restrictions
  • housebroken pets requirement
  • pet waste areas
  • leash policy

After setting the rules, include them in your listing to make guests aware of the rules before booking. But don’t stop here. Notify them again by email with the check-in details and/or include the rules on a welcome book, together with all the information about your vacation rental. Another way to expose the rules is by framing them and hanging it up above the food and water bowls so your guests can’t miss them.

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3. Provide local information.

Together with the rules, it’s also a good idea to provide tips and information about the area, such as where to walk pets, dog-friendly places, local vets contact, etc. If your guests don’t know the area, they will certainly appreciate this type of information.

4. Provide pet supplies.

Surprising your guests with a welcome basket is a great way to show you are a thoughtful host and can lead to positive reviews. Why not do something similar for their pets, too? Offering a few amities that both pets and owners will appreciate is sure to make you stand out as a host.

Here are a few pet supplies you can offer at your vacation rental:

  • treats
  • toys
  • scratching post
  • extra leash
  • bowls for food and water
  • sofa cover

5. Increase your cleaning standards.

Now that you have decided to welcome pets into your vacation rental, it is very important to increase your cleaning standards. You will likely be hosting both guests with and without pets. Probably even guests who are allergic to pets which makes it even more crucial to keep your property clean.

Make sure you do a thorough clean between stays. Vacuum everything, clean the floors and the couches, get rid of stains, etc. And remember the details, they can make a huge diference!

Also, keep some pet specific products on hand for guests to use in case of accidents. Candles and/or deodorizes are a great addition, too to keep the vacation rental smelling good.

6. Make your vacation rental pet proof.

Here are a few extra tips to make your vacation rental pet proof:

  • keep cables hidden away to avoid chewing;
  • relocate delicate items to higher places that pets can reach;
  • lock away cleaning products that might be dangerous to pets;
  • use child gates to set boundaries and create off limit areas to pets;
  • choose curtains over blinds;
  • use pet-friendly flooring that is scratch-resistant & stain proof.

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