What is Self Check-In? How To Simplify The Check-In Process At Your Short-Term Rental

What is Self Check-In? How To Simplify The Check-In Process At Your Short-Term Rental | Warmrental

Have you ever been late on your way to a check-in? Or, on the contrary, have you wasted too much time waiting for guests who had a mishap and didn’t arrive at the scheduled check-in time? If you answered yes to one of these questions or both, you may want to consider self-check-in. It is an amenity that will help you save time, practice social distancing, and contribute to a safer stay. Warmrental explains everything you need to know!

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What is Self Check-In? How To Simplify The Check-In Process At Your Short-Term Rental

Today more than ever, guests are looking for short-term rentals with the possibility of self check-in to avoid contact with other people. But simplifying the check-in process for your guests will also benefit you as a host, especially for practicing social distancing and avoiding wasting your time, making it even more convenient when guests plan to arrive late in the evening. Therefore, it won’t be necessary to wait in the agreed time and place.

What is self check-in?

With self-check-in, your guests can enter the short-term rental at any time after the scheduled check-in without you having to be present.

Here’s how you can do it:

  • safe – this an affordable solution where you can store the key. To access, the guest must enter a code given by you.
  • smart lock – this is a smart lock that guests can access through an app or a numeric keypad by entering the given code.
  • numeric keypad – as the name implies, it is a keypad where the guest must enter the given code, without the need for a key.

Set instructions.

Now that you offer the possibility for self-check-in, you must inform your guests where to find it and how to use it, step by step. Before arrival, they must know what to expect to avoid surprises. Therefore, create a base text with clear instructions on how to find it (including a photo of the location) and how to use the safe, smart lock, or numeric keypad.

3 days before arrival, send the instructions by a message on the reservation platform or by email. Let your guests know you’re available to help if needed.

Create a safe process.

You must change the code between each booking and ensure that only current guests know how to access it.

Add the new amenity to your listing.

Offering the possibility of self-check-in is a way to make your short-term rental look more attractive compared to others that don’t offer this amenity. When potential guests are looking for the ideal rental for their next vacation, they can filter the search results according to the amenities they are looking for, such as self-check-in.

Therefore, you must include this new amenity in your listing. Platforms like Airbnb allow you to use this search filter so it will be a way to highlight your short-term rental.

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Does your short-term rental offer self-check-in?

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