How To Adapt Your Vacation Real For Remote Work

How To Adapt Your Vacation Real For Remote Work. Airbnb Host Tips. Adapt Short Term Rental For Remote Workers. Adapt Airbnb For Remote Workers | Warmrental

In the face of the pandemic, the short-term rental market had to adapt to a new reality. If on the one hand, the number of foreign tourists has decreased, the number of remote workers has increased significantly. However, not everyone has the possibility or privacy to do so and many seek a change of scenery after months of working and living in the same space. If you adapt your vacation rental for remote work, you can attract this type of audience. Warmrental explains how.

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What are remote workers?

Remote workers – or digital nomads – are people who work from home or who can do their job from anywhere, such as in your vacation rental overlooking the sea.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the number of remote workers has been increasing and many companies have adapted to this new reality, planning to maintain it in the future.

Many of these people found themselves living and working in the same place, sometimes in small apartments without an outdoor area. Working from home gives them more flexibility to be able to pick up their computer and spend time in another city that they can enjoy exploring in their spare time.

How To Adapt Your Vacation Rental To Remote Workers

Adapt your vacation rental.

The first step is to adapt Airbnb for remote workers.

  • Create one or more workspaces. In addition to the dining table, consider adding a desk and chair where your guests can comfortably work from. If a couple books your vacation rental for remote work, it is important to have two separate work areas.
  • Offer a fast and free Wi-Fi connection. For remote work, this is essential. Check that your internet connection works properly and is fast.
  • Improve the outdoor area. If your vacation rental has a balcony, terrace, or garden, add a table where your guests can work outdoors. You can also take the opportunity to improve the space, making it more inviting for leisure moments at the end of the day.
  • Add useful amenities to mid and long-term stays. For example, air conditioning, coffee machine, dishwasher, and washing machine.

Update your vacation rental listing.

Now that you’ve adapted your vacation rental, it’s important to update the listing. Add a photo of the workspace and mention in the description how your property is a good solution for remote workers. It will be important to highlight amenities such as Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and outdoor space.

Apply discounts to mid and long-term stays.

The prices you have for a weekend getaway or a week-long vacation may not work for longer stays. Many remote workers tend to stay in one location for a month and are sure to appreciate a discount as an incentive. Despite the discount, you will have guaranteed income for the entire month, which could not have happened otherwise.

Allow pets in your vacation rental.

Remote workers with pets will not want to leave them behind. By allowing pets in your Airbnb, you will be able to reach this type of public and, thus, stand out from the competition and increase reservations.

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