Douro Is The European City Of Wine 2023

Jan 10, 2023

Portugal's Douro is the European City of Wine in 2023. In order to promote wine tourism, culture, heritage, and wine among Europeans, the region that has been a World Heritage Site since 2001 is preparing dozens of initiatives. Warmrental tells you everything!

“All Around Wine, All Around Douro” was the motto of Douro 's application for European Wine City in the annual competition held by the European Network of Wine Cities (RECEVIN). Founded in 2012, this competition aims to promote tourism in European wine-producing regions and has the participation of 11 member countries: Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Spain, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Portugal , and Serbia.

Last summer, Portugal 's Douro received this distinction in Brussels and, on the 4th of February, the official gala will be held in Lamego.

For the Douro Intermunicipal Community (CIM Douro), this award is “ one of the most important in the history of the region”. It adds that “today the Douro, a territory of charismatic landscapes with soul and attitude, with its pleasant navigable river, has the legitimate ambition of bringing the world to the Douro. And it will be this discovery of the Douro, this experience of the Douro in situ that will generate added value for what we produce, for what we create here, for our wine, for our vineyard, for our people.”